The strength of our firm’s expertise is in understanding the complexities of taxation. Over the years, we have used our experience and creativity to take advantage of the ever-changing tax laws for the benefit of our clients. We can help develop tax strategies to meet your objectives, from planning and preparing tax returns to developing sound estate and gift tax plans. We can also help you cope with rising payroll, property, excise and sales taxes as well as other industry-specific taxes. We understand that the benefit of minimizing all taxes, not just income taxes, is important in developing and maintaining a successful business. Our breadth of taxation expertise includes:

  • Income tax planning & preparation
  • Estate tax planning & preparation
  • Gift Tax planning & preparation
  • Trust planning & preparation
  • Inter-state and international tax preparation
  • Sales tax consulting and preparation

  • Property tax consulting and preparation
  • City tax consulting & preparation
  • Form 8027 consulting & preparation
  • FICA tax credit consulting
  • Tenant allowance tax consulting (IRC Section 110)

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