Review - Limited Level of Assurance Service

KROST's review service provides limited assurance that there are no material modifications to the financial statements. Similar to an audit, we use a risk-based approach customized by our understanding of your business and the relevant technical accounting standards. However, we rely on inquiries and analytics to arrive at our conclusions. Our review service will give you the confidence that your financial reporting is materially accurate and transparent.

Our clients that select this approach want to have a cost-effective method to satisfy themselves, their lenders, or investors that their financial information has been reviewed by a licensed CPA.


  • Understanding your business
  • Knowledge of the rules
  • Document requests
  • Technical accounting expertise
  • Understanding your major contracts
  • General inquiries

  • Substantive analytics
  • Specific inquiries

  • Detail review
  • Quality control review
  • Administrative forms
  • Proposing adjustments
  • Financial reporting
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