Transfer Pricing

The cross-border transfer prices of goods, royalties, services, and loans drive how much income tax a multinational company pays by country. We assist US and international companies in establishing, documenting, and defending transfer pricing practices for the IRS and international tax authorities.

From a government perspective, transfer pricing audits are a high return on investment making sure companies pay their ‘fair share’ of income tax. Transfer pricing audits can result in significant additional tax, interest, and penalties along with double tax.

While transfer pricing is an important tax issue, many US and foreign clients are unaware of the tax and cashflow benefits of proactive planning. For example, US tax reform creates some new incentives for multinationals to increase US taxable income to reduce taxes payable. Strategic intercompany pricing strategies can lead to substantial savings on a global basis.

Transfer Pricing Services

  • Transfer Pricing Documentation - US, OECD, and International
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation Report Updates
  • Transfer Pricing Comparable Benchmarking Studies
  • Transfer Pricing Audit Defense
  • OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Consulting
  • Transfer Pricing Consulting
        • Tax Reform Transfer Pricing Strategies
        • Supply Chain Restructuring
        • Mergers & Acquisitions/Due Diligence
  • Advance Pricing Agreements