Affordable Care Act Affecting Worker’s Compensation

September 3, 2016By Jean Hagan

As the Affordable Care Act started to take hold, work comp insurance companies questioned and assumed that ACA would not affect workers comp. The results are starting to come in and it is not what the insurance industry expected. ACA is absolutely affecting worker comp claims – claims are down because employees with insurance are … Read More

Affordable Care Act Look to the Future: 2015 Compliance

January 20, 2015By KROST

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has made a number of significant changes to group health plans since the law was enacted over four years ago. Many of these key reforms became effective in 2014, including health plan design changes, increased wellness program incentives, and reinsurance fees. Additional reforms take effect in 2015 for employers sponsoring … Read More

Affordable Care Act and Form 8965

December 15, 2014By KROST

Under the Affordable Care Act, there are a number of situations where an individual may receive an exemption from the requirement to have health insurance for all or part of the year. If an individual qualifies for a pre-defined exemption or believes they qualify for a hardship exemption they will need to complete Form 8965 … Read More

How Affordable is the Affordable Healthcare Act?

August 20, 2013By KROST

Now that the Employer Mandate part of the ACA had been pushed back to January of 2015, everyone gave a big sigh of relief – but should you? This changes the landscape significantly in regards to your compliance planning. As the economy is improving and jobs in the restaurant/service segment are increasing – what is … Read More