Are you missing out on the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC)?

April 13, 2021By KROST

If you have not looked into Employee Retention Tax Credits, then you need to reach out to your relationship manager or contact us right away to see if you qualify. It is worth a quick assessment. We can help you claim the credit and receive cash refunds up to $5,000 per employee in 2020 and … Read More

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

March 11, 2021By Paren Knadjian

On Thursday, March 11th, President Biden signed the much-anticipated American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 into law. The $1.9 Trillion stimulus package expands COVID-19 relief for individuals, families, local governments, and businesses and includes direct payments and increased child credits. While the contents of the plan have been cause for much debate in the last … Read More

Relief Comes in the Form of R&D Tax Credits for Manufacturing Companies

March 2, 2021By KROST

This is one of the articles in the KROST Quarterly Manufacturing Issue, titled “Relief Comes in the Form of R&D Tax Credits for Manufacturing Companies” by Guest Contributor, Michael Maroney. As history has shown us, difficult times can spark a renaissance of innovation and creativity. With the continued impact of the Coronavirus on American businesses, … Read More

[Webinar] PPP 2021 Program – Updates on Loan Applications, Rule Changes, Eligibility, Forgiveness, and Interaction with ERTC

March 1, 2021By KROST

The PPP loan program is evolving fast with new rules on Second Draw applications, including a 2-week pause on companies with 20 or more employees and new calculations for sole proprietors. In addition, both the lenders and the SBA are reviewing, rejecting, and putting holds on many applications because of API errors, compliance failures, and … Read More

FAQs – PPP Loans

February 17, 2021By KROST

Since the CARES Act passed into law in March, there have been new laws, multiple rule publications, and over 50 FAQs released by the SBA regarding the PPP and EIDL loans. KROST’s subject matter experts have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below: Question: How are full-time equivalent employees calculated in the 2nd PPP? … Read More

Real Estate Business Provision and Initiatives Included in Bipartisan COVID-19 Agreement

January 25, 2021By Jose Calles, CPA

Congress introduced the Bipartisan economic relief package on December 20, 2020. This relief bill provides stimulus to individuals and businesses. As an industry impacted by the pandemic, real estate businesses can benefit from several key tax provisions in the package. We have outlined these opportunities below. Business Meals Deduction Currently, the deductibility of business meals … Read More

Eleventh-Hour Pandemic Relief – What a Homeowner Should Know

January 14, 2021By Melanie Prieger, CPA, MST

The Consolidated Appropriations Act (the “Act”) passed by Congress and signed by the President on December 27, 2020, outlined several provisions to help individuals through this extended time of financial uncertainty. Most of these provisions are included in the Additional Coronavirus Response and Relief (“ACRR”) and the Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Tax Relief Act of … Read More