Estate Tax – Current Law, 2026, Biden Tax Proposal

February 15, 2021By Douglas Venturelli, Esq.

With the advent of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, the estate, gift, and generation skipping tax exemptions increased dramatically, but these changes were only temporary. With the Biden administration now in place and at least some Democratic control of the senate, there is added uncertainty that should be evaluated soon. It is … Read More

Essential Things to Know About Estate Planning

July 12, 2017By KROST

At the most basic level, estate planning can be defined as preparing for the dispersal of your assets after you’ve passed. Your assets might include your debts, miscellaneous personal belongings, automobiles, real estate, life insurance and more. Estate planning can also apply to medical decisions outlined in advance before a debilitating condition takes away autonomy. … Read More