Opportunity Zones and Cost Segregation

February 23, 2021By KROST

This is a preview of one of the articles in the new KROST Quarterly Real Estate Issue, titled “Opportunity Zones and Cost Segregation” by Guest Contributor Artur Babaian Opportunity Zones are garnering increased interest across the country. Created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) in December 2017, taxpayers who meet the requirements for investing … Read More

IRS to Audit High-Income Tax Returns

August 26, 2020By Brad Pauley, CPA

The IRS announced on June 18th that they will be looking at hundreds of high-income tax returns between July 15th and September 30th. They are expected to be looking at not only the taxpayer’s individual returns but any business-related pass-through entities as well. These reviews create exposure for athletes and entertainers who have high income and … Read More

Top 6 Resources for Taxpayers Who Donate to Charity

November 11, 2019By KROST

Taxpayers who donate to charity should check out the IRS’ resources to become aware of the tax regulations. Below are the top 6 IRS resources for taxpayers making donations: Tax Exempt Organization Search This tool can be used by taxpayers to find out if the organization they have contributed to qualifies as a charitable organization … Read More

2018 Business Tax Planning

December 6, 2018By KROST

Businesses that have engaged in year-end tax planning know that as 2019 approaches, it is time to develop, finalize and undertake a year-end tax planning strategy. Businesses that have not yet explored year-end tax planning should take an immediate inventory of their situation and develop a year-end 2018 tax strategy. Our office is ready to … Read More

Essential Things to Know About Estate Planning

July 12, 2017By KROST

At the most basic level, estate planning can be defined as preparing for the dispersal of your assets after you’ve passed. Your assets might include your debts, miscellaneous personal belongings, automobiles, real estate, life insurance and more. Estate planning can also apply to medical decisions outlined in advance before a debilitating condition takes away autonomy. … Read More