Relief Comes in the Form of R&D Tax Credits for Manufacturing Companies

March 2, 2021By KROST

This is one of the articles in the KROST Quarterly Manufacturing Issue, titled “Relief Comes in the Form of R&D Tax Credits for Manufacturing Companies” by Guest Contributor, Michael Maroney. As history has shown us, difficult times can spark a renaissance of innovation and creativity. With the continued impact of the Coronavirus on American businesses, … Read More

KROST Quarterly Magazine: The Financial Services Issue is Now Available!

February 16, 2021By KROST

We are happy to announce the release of our newest quarterly magazine! The Financial Services Issue highlights some of the hot topics in financial services including Section 1244 claims, the Lender Management, LLC case study, research & development, waterfall calculations, IRC Section 1061, and FinTech trends. What You’ll Find Inside this Issue: Section 1244: Claiming … Read More

R&D Tax Credits for Software Development Advancements in 2020 & Beyond

October 5, 2020By KROST

This is a preview of one of the articles in the new KROST Quarterly Technology Issue, titled “R&D Tax Credits for Software Development Advancements in 2020 & Beyond” by Guest Contributors Tetyana Guguchkina and Tiffany Solymon. Throughout the years, software has found itself in every facet of our lives, from smartphones to smart televisions; even … Read More

Business Tax Planning Ideas That May Help You Save Tax Dollars

January 23, 2020By KROST

The last few months of the year are important and year-end tax planning may allow you to change the entire course of your business. As 2020 approaches, it is time to develop, finalize, and undertake a year-end tax planning strategy. Businesses that have not yet explored year-end tax planning should take an immediate inventory of … Read More

Avoid Common R&D Expense Documentation Errors

May 20, 2018By KROST

We recently published our new KROST Quarterly Magazine which is packed full of articles and insider knowledge focusing on tech topics. Here is an excerpt from the article “Avoid Common R&D Expense Documentation Errors” by Principal and R&D Practice Leader Kevin Zolriasatain: “Business owners are often surprised to learn they may be able to claim … Read More

Brewing Up Some Crafty R&D Tax Credit Savings

September 3, 2016By KROST

While Microbrewery may have been a correct terminology for new craft beer breweries and startups, they no longer remain “micro” in numbers and revenue. The craft beer industry has increased by over 20% each year since 2013. While brewing up the signature style and tasty cold beverage is key on the creator’s minds, the Research … Read More

Food and Beverage Industry Increases R&D Efforts

January 18, 2016By KROST

With the challenge of feeding an ever-growing population, food and beverage companies in the United States are forced to increase their research and development efforts to meet demand. In addition to providing more options, food and beverage manufacturers are fighting to keep up with trends in the marketplace which include the reduction in sodium, gluten-free … Read More