Where Do You Stand with the ACA?

October 10, 2018By KROST CPAs

Not complying with the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, could cost your organization millions of dollars. Being prepared is critical to avoid these penalties that are currently being issued by the IRS, some of them for millions of dollars. Since November 2017, the IRS has been sending Letter 226J penalty notices to certain … Read More

Check Please! Why Restaurants are Going Cashless

October 10, 2018By KROST CPAs

Credit cards have long been the preferred payment for goods in the United States, now mobile payment solutions and credit card perks for purchases have paved the way for restaurants to transition to a cashless business. According to the 2016 U.S. Consumer Payment Study conducted by Total System Services (TSYS), 40% of Americans prefer to … Read More

Digital Trends in the Restaurant Business

October 10, 2018By KROST CPAs

As wages rise and the unemployment numbers continue at all-time lows, it creates the necessity to embrace technology to enhance the guest experience and drive repeat customers. This particularly impacts quick service, fast casual, and casual dining locations. Here are some of the latest digital trends: Menu Unsurprisingly, the menu is the number one factor … Read More

Budget Service for 2019

September 7, 2018By KROST CPAs

Every successful restaurant operator knows that developing an annual budget is a time-consuming, tedious project. Studies show that companies who prepare annual operating budgets are more successful than those who don’t. Advantages of having a budget include being able to anticipate expenses, set targets for growing the business, and staying within financial limits. Have you … Read More

Minimum Wage in California and Tip Distribution

July 16, 2018By Robert A. Benson

On July 1, 2018, the minimum wage in the Cities of Los Angeles & Santa Monica, and the County of Los Angeles increased. If you have not done so already, we recommend checking the minimum hourly wage settings in your POS and adjusting, if needed, to the new minimum wage. For specifics, please see the … Read More

The End of To-Go Supplies

May 29, 2018By Jean Hagan

Things are changing rapidly at both the local level and the state level. Those changes will soon begin to impact what materials will be allowed to be used by restaurant operators for to go orders. This is one of the times that you want to be ahead of the curve on designing a comprehensive paper … Read More

The Four New Things You Need to Know About Tip Pooling

April 10, 2018By KROST CPAs

Number One: A Little History In 1974, Congress amended the Fair Labor Standards Act to allow employers to pay tipped workers less than federal minimum wage if the workers’ gratuities made up the difference. (The Tip Credit) In 2010, a federal court ruled (Cumbie v. Woody Woo Inc.,596 F 3d 577, 9th Cir) that if … Read More

Free Ride Home After Drinking?

March 22, 2018By Gina Gross

Alcohol-Impaired Driving In 2015, alcohol-impaired driving (involving a driver or motorcycle operator with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 grams per deciliter or higher) contributed to 914 deaths or 28.8% of all traffic fatalities in California. On January 1, 2018, California joined 44 other states and the District of Columbia allowing free rides for … Read More

Lunch Business – Old & New

March 22, 2018By Jean Hagan

I grew up outside of Philadelphia (so yes – Fly Eagles Fly)! I’m not going to disclose my age and will hereafter refer to this time as “back in the day”. So, back in the day, there was a famous restaurant near Head House Square called Bookbinders. Opened in 1893, It was originally referred to … Read More