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Featured Speaker: Jean Hagan

Webinar Course Description

One of the most challenging and controversial topics for restaurant owners/operators today is how to handle tips and service charges. The laws and regulations are in flux constantly, as are the strategies today’s chefs and owners are employing to create a more merit-based environment and deal with the increasing minimum wage.

This webinar is designed to provide a clear understanding of the differences between a “tip” and a “service charge.” Did you know the major changes that were recently passed into law? How about a system where you can stop keeping petty cash available to pay out tips every day? Can service charges “save” the Restaurant Industry? Can I tip out the Back of the House staff? In this seminar, we will cover these topics and talk about other practices and solutions to help you make the best decisions for your restaurant and your staff.


  • To help restaurateurs navigate the latest landscape of tips and service charges
  • Avoid the pitfalls
  • Stay compliant, and
  • Create the most value for them and their employees

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