One of the most eye-opening experiences I ever had in my professional career was within the first two months of starting my public accounting journey. Let me set the stage.

It was the end of busy season, everyone was tired and we saw a partner walking over. Immediately we thought we’d receive more work, but instead he walked up to our admin and thanked her. There was no obvious reason, except that she had performed her duties responsibly and he wanted to openly thank her. Normally an unsung hero, he took the time to acknowledge her in positive manner and as a brand new member this has resonated with me to this day.

The exponential effect of this small gesture on our cubicle community made a positive difference because it showed that everyone’s work at the firm mattered. Sometimes, as we’re stuck in the trenches of work, we forget the unsung heroes that help with the daily activities that make our lives easier.

Some of these unsung heroes are our very own LA Chapter program managers. I warned them that I would write about them in this month’s message. They are truly the unsung heroes that help our chapter run effectively.

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About the Author

Keith Hamasaki, CPA, Principal
Assurance & Advisory, Manufacturing & Distribution, Not-for-Profit
With nearly two decades of consulting experience, Keith specializes in Audit and Business Advisory services to emerging and middle market companies in areas such as process improvement, internal controls, technical GAAP accounting implementation, and procedural review assessments. As someone who has consistently overcome challenges, Keith has developed an expertise in a variety of industries including Real Estate and construction, Financial Services, Technology, digital media, Restaurants, Hospitality, Not-for-Profit organizations, and employee benefit plans. » Full Bio