As of January 17, 2017, the IRS released a new I-9 replacing the existing form. We recommended that you update all of your new hire packets and train employees who are responsible for new hire paperwork. Below we cover important changes to note with the latest release.

Electronic PDF

The new I-9 form is a fillable PDF, intended for electronic use with prompts to ensure information is entered correctly. Calendars and drop-down lists are included for electronic assistance. The new form also includes on-screen instructions for each field. While the form is electronic, employers must still print the form, obtain a wet signature, monitor re-verifications, and retain the form for the proper retention period in the I-9 binder. It is not recommended to store I-9s with employee files. Employers and employees may choose to complete any or all of the form by typing into the fillable PDF or filling out by hand. While it is recommended to use the same color pen throughout the entire form, it is also acceptable to submit forms that are partially printed and partially handwritten.

Changes to the New Form

In Section 1, employees no longer have to list all other names used, but rather only other last names used. Located below the employee’s signature line, it is required to indicate via checkbox whether a preparer or translator was used to complete the form. Multiple preparers/translators can now be entered if needed. There is also a dedicated space to include additional information. A new Citizenship/Immigration Status field with numbers 1 through 4 correlate directly to the employee’s selected citizenship or immigration status. The form will pre-populate the digit when using the electronic PDF option.

Current employees do not need to be re-verified. Only use the new I-9 for new hires as of January 17, 2017, or when re-verifying temporary work authorizations. The form must be retained for as long as the employee works for you and then 3 years after their hire date or 1 year after their termination date, whichever is later.

You can download the form here:

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