Just walking into Pedalers Fork you can get the feeling right away that this is something special. With the details of the design and the quirky layout, you know there is a lot going on to behold. There is a terrific dining room area with a beautiful and comfortable bar, a creekside deck, a coffee roasting area, a coffee shop, and a bike shop. A lot to take in but it becomes quickly apparent that it all work together in a unique way.

The passion is driven by owner Robbie Scheffer’s love of the outdoors and in particular the love of cycling. From the early morning groups of riders that pass through the coffee shop to the late morning riders that end their day with breakfast or lunch- this is an active restaurant. General Manager Gideon Kleinman oversees the action between all the different components- he is also a huge cyclist so can often be seen on a ride by at the restaurant- when he can sneak in the time.

Freshly made pastries and 10 Speed Coffee dominate the early morning- both are really top notch. The breakfast menu in the coffee shop and restaurant allow for a quick bite during the week or a leisurely breakfast. Breakfast is served 7 days a week. There is a commitment to local farms and ranches that resonates throughout the menu and delivers high flavor on the plate.

The lunch menu has all the items you are looking for- taco’s, burgers, salmon and a popular Braised Short Rib Grilled Cheese- one of the best things you have ever tried. They also have a great selection of flatbreads and salads- all healthy of course. The food is consistently very good- prepared by Chef Dan Murry.
Dinner rounds out the dining experience with some heartier choices like Wild Mushroom Risotto and Glazed Flat Iron Steak. There are lots of choices for steak, chicken, and fish. There are several sides offered- creamed kale and Pecan Sherry Brussel Sprouts being two of the favorites.

We are thrilled to have Pedalers Fork as our client.