At KROST, we take cybersecurity seriously. As a CPA firm, we deal with large amounts of sensitive information daily. Understanding cybersecurity will help prevent malware attacks, phishing scams, system hacks and identity theft.

We have taken steps to demonstrate our capabilities to manage cybersecurity threats. Assurance & Advisory Director, Keith Hamasaki, CPA, completed AICPA’s 16-hour certificate program in Cybersecurity Advisory Services. His completion of the program earned him a certificate and knowledge to better serve our clients.

According to AICPA, the program is designed to give certificate holders foundational knowledge of:

  • Cybersecurity risk management program overview
  • Cybersecurity advisory service opportunities
  • Cybersecurity examination services versus advisory services
  • Cybersecurity frameworks, including the AICPA cybersecurity risk management program reporting framework
  • Drivers for cybersecurity advisory needs
  • Gap analysis and risk assessment
  • Common cybersecurity advisory services, such as SOC for Cybersecurity readiness assessments and penetration testing
  • Tools to effectively perform advisory services including qualifications and certifications, backgrounds and expertise

There is an overwhelming challenge for business owners and executives to decide between ease of access and protection against cybersecurity threats. While a cybersecurity assessment cannot guarantee 100% protection, it can help our clients become more aware and help them from a business standpoint to determine the best course of action (cost/benefit analysis) for protecting the company’s key information.

With our CPA background, we apply our data gathering and risk management to provide customized cybersecurity solutions. Through continued education and certification, our firm’s leadership can perform attestation reports (SOC) for cybersecurity, advise on preventative matters, and combat cybersecurity challenges.

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