Have you updated your Labor Compliance Posters since the start of the new year?

Federal, state, and local governments have updated labor compliance standards for 2023. The primary requirement for communicating these updates to your teams is through labor law compliance posters. These posters communicate the details of the current, new, and updated laws. Employers are required to post state and federal compliance posters in places where they are clearly seen by employees, often in the break room or cafeteria. Providing workers access to these posters ensures they are informed of their rights under various employment and labor laws.

Every state is legally obligated to follow federal law. However, this only provides a minimum threshold for employee rights. Most states, such as California, have expanded the minimum requirements.

In California alone, the following posters MUST be displayed:

  1. Access to Medical and Exposure Records
  2. California Minimum Wage
  3. California No Smoking Poster
  4. CALOSHA – Health and Safety Protection
  5. Discrimination Notice
  6. EDD Notice to Employees
  7. EEOC Know Your Rights: Workplace Discrimination is Illegal
  8. Emergency Phone Numbers
  9. Family Care, Medical, and Pregnancy Disability Leave
  10. Paid Sick Leave Notice
  11. Payday Notice
  12. Time Off to Vote Notice
  13. Transgender Rights in the Workplace
  14. Unemployment Insurance
  15. Whistleblower Protection Act
  16. Workers’ Compensation
  17. Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant Employee

In addition to state and federal requirements, the city your business is located in can determine which local ordinance posters are required at your establishment. These posters are in addition to your mandatory state and federal posters. For example, Santa Monica, CA has a different policy regarding city minimum wages and paid sick leave.

Remember that regulatory updates are not always annual, but sometimes mid-year, and it is important that employers post these updates immediately upon their release.

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View Labor Law Center or CalChamber to purchase the state, federal, city, and county-required posters.

The California Restaurant Association offers free training and downloads for members.

For additional compliance questions, please visit the Department of Labor for a complete list of resources.